High-flying student athletes are looking for the latest sport training equipment and techniques. With this facility we will now be able to offer that training throughout the year as well as in the off-season.
— Chris Hettler, Associate Director of Athletics

Our new Athletic & Wellness Center will: 

  • Prepare students for a lifetime of holistic healthy living, giving them the knowledge and tools to maintain a balanced lifestyle. 
  • Allow all teams to practice at the same time, regardless of inclement weather - so all students can be home for dinner. 
  • Help athletes to add strength, speed, and agility training to their fitness regimens, maximizing strength and minimizing injury. 
  • Emphasize daily health and fitness, impacting every student, faculty, staff, and parent at Derryfield. 
  • Improve enrollment and retention, keeping Derryfield competitive and sustainable. 
Research shows that aerobic exercise “physically remodels our brains for peak performance” and reduces the risk of depression & anxiety, and maximizes the brain’s ability to learn.
— John J. Ratey, MD - Spark
Our athletes and coaches work incredibly hard to be their best! Having a cutting-edge athletic center will help us continue this tradition of excellence for generations to come.
— Mimi Coombes, Middle School Math Teacher and Coach