Q1.  I hear Derryfield is beginning a capital campaign, can you tell me what it is about? 

A1.  The Thinking FORWARD campaign seeks resources to invest in programmatic and facility priorities. These priorities were identified in the Master Facilities Plan in 2014 and through comprehensive discussions with members of our community, the Board of Trustees voted to begin a campaign to represent Derryfield’s highest priorities in terms of facility and programmatic impact. 

Q2.  Could you give me a little more detail? 

A2.  The School will seek funds to build an Athletic & Wellness Center and a Science & Innovation Center, two of our greatest facility and programmatic needs. Inadequate facilities are an obstacle to delivering the program for students to a greater degree than in any other subject area. Both of these investments will provide a strong competitive edge for admission and faculty recruitment and retention.

Q3.  Would you summarize the numbers for me? 

A3.  The Derryfield School seeks to raise $15,000,000 as follows: $14,000,000 for facility investments and $1,000,000 in new endowment gifts. 

Q4.  This seems much larger than previous campaigns, isn’t this awfully ambitions for our community? 

A4.  Derryfield has not had a campaign in 20 years, we have a reached a point that we have major facility needs. All good schools need to invest on an ongoing basis on program and facility improvements. Our current ambition is grounded in an analysis of what the leadership of the School feels must be done to improve our programs to insure our ongoing standard of excellence. In preparation, Marts & Lundy conducted a feasibility study which identified this goal as attainable based on the members of the Derryfield community.

Q5. Couldn’t the School fund some of these needs with reserve funds, and/or take on some debt? 

A5. The Board of Trustees has determined that it would be in the School’s best interest to focus on philanthropy and to do our best to not take on any more long-term debt for the foreseeable future. The School hopes to keep the debt it carries as low as possible, in order to keep tuition as low as possible. Schools that are focused on philanthropy are the schools that perform the highest, creating a culture of giving back and keeping tuition increases within industry standards. 

Q6.  What is Derryfield trying to accomplish in creating a Science & Innovation Center? 

A6.  A strategic priority for the School is building our science and innovation program to be a regional leader. Our greatest need in academics is for improved sciences and for first class science programs. Our program, teaching, and enrollment in science courses has all outgrown our three laboratories and digital project room.

Q7.  I know the school has other needs, when will those be addressed? 

A7.  We are focused on top priority needs, they will be addressed when we’ve taken care of our identified priorities. 

Q8.  What is the timetable for beginning construction on the Athletic & Wellness Center and the Science & Innovation Center? 

A8.  In order to break ground we will need to have raised 75-80% of the total cost to build the facility. Athletics & Wellness will be built first, and its completion will allow us to access the old gym and start the renovations in that space for the Science & Innovation Center. 

Q9. Is it possible to make a pledge and pay it over time? 

A9. Yes. We are talking with donors about making a gift over a period of five years. A letter of intent will be filled out indicating a payment schedule. 

Q10. Is it possible for a donor to name a space or create an endowed fund with their gift? 

A10. The Campaign Steering Committee have approved an outline of named gift opportunities. If you are interested in making such a gift, please be in touch with Anna Moskov.