Campaign at a Glance

The Board of Trustees is committed to improving the aging campus facilities and ensuring a sustainable future for the School through endowment. The Middle School, Auditorium, and Gateway Building have set a new standard of excellence and serve as daily reminders that other facilities need improvement. The Campaign for Derryfield is a $15,000,000 campaign that will enhance student life and create much needed space for academics and athletics. 

Academics - $3.3 million

14,544 square feet of program space dedicated to science and STEAM. This new facility will provide five labs for the sciences, as well as a new innovation space that will anchor and diffuse the STEAM innovator-maker culture throughout Derryfield's campus.

Athletic & Wellness Center - $9 million

This 42,500 square foot facility will emphasize daily health and fitness with: a movement room, indoor running space, indoor play space, fitness machines, weight lifting, three courts, and a climbing wall. As more of our students live farther away from Derryfield, providing social connection during and after the school day and on Friday nights is more important than ever. An Athletic & Wellness Center will help build community and will complement our emerging program "Leadership, Wellness, and Character" focused on our goal of raising well rounded holistic students.

Endowment - $1 million

A healthy endowment will ensure long-term financial stability for Derryfield by providing funds for the maintenance costs of the new facility, faculty recruitment and retention, and financial aid. Increasing Derryfield's endowment is a key to bringing stability to annual tuition increases as endowment income reduces the degree to which we must rely on tuition.

Site & Civil Work - $1 million

The site and civil work to be completed as part of this project will help transform the campus. In addition to getting the grounds ready for new facilities, it will realize a vision of a loop road and increase safety on campus. 

Finance & Fundraising - $700,000

Finance costs may occur if the School secures a bridge loan for construction to be taken to expedite the construction timeline. Pledge payments from the capital campaign would pay off the bridge loan.  

Facilities Master Plan

All of the component of this campaign tie into our long-term goals for Derryfield. You can read our entire strategic plan and updates here